Mixing Evergreen and Flowering Shrubs scaled

Ideas for Landscaping Property Lines

Plants can provide a softer, more natural, and more attractive border between houses than a privacy fence. Before landscaping property lines, always make sure you know precisely where the boundary lies (if unsure, hire a surveyor). While you are at it, research the possible existence of any easements where planting …

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Consider All Angles scaled

Small Primary Bedroom Design Ideas Tips and Photos

There is no reason at all that a small bedroom even a really tiny bedroom can’t be every bit as gorgeous, relaxing, and just plain full of personality as a much larger space. The trick to creating a beautiful bedroom when limited is to make smart use of the space …

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Leaky Faucet scaled

Common Bathroom Problems to Fix ASAP

The bathroom is a small space but it can cause big headaches. Clogged drains and leaky faucets are minor nuisances that upset the flow of everyday life. But the issues don’t end there. Here are some common bathroom issues and how you can fix them. 1. Poor Ventilation The ventilation …

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Off Center Lighting

Dining Room Lighting Ideas for Every Style

When it comes to enjoying meals at home with family or friends, the dining room is a special place for making memories. So, of course, you want to rev up your space with beautiful lighting. But do you choose the perfect light fixture? Several things may impact a decision from …

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Laminates 1 scaled

Best 10 Materials for Kitchen Countertops

There are lots of options on the market for kitchen countertops, but 10 materials comprise the majority of countertops in residential kitchens. They include granite, marble, quartz, and more. Each material has its positive and negative aspects. For instance, some are very strong while others can be scratched or marred. …

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Consider a Pale Monochromatic Palette

Simple Small Living Room with Minimalist Style

Just because you have a fun-size living room, does not mean you have to skimp when it comes to decorating. Case in point, the following 15 simple small living rooms. Each one reveals how to pack a lot of style and function in minimal square footage without making things feel …

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Consider It a Neutral scaled

Inspirational Shagreen Decor Ideas

You may not know the origins of shagreen, but chances are, you’ve seen this fancy pattern in design magazines or on Instagram. Shagreen’s characteristic richly textured stingray or shark hide is easily recognizable by its rounded. Often sparkling pattern that symbolizes the height of sophistication in design. The elegant pattern …

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Dark Green Brick Wall

Dark Green Kitchen Color Schemes

It’s time to bid farewell to the classic white kitchen – there’s a new cabinet color in town. Dark green! Dark green kitchen color schemes have been growing in popularity as well as they’re here to stay. I have put together the best dark green kitchen design so you can …

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Add a Breakfast Bar 1

Renovating the Lovely Kitchen Breakfast Bar

Your breakfast bar is often the center of the kitchen. Not only is the whole room a focal point, but that’s where you entertain and share food with your loved ones. So if you have room to add a breakfast bar, there’s a good chance you’ll do so. Even if …

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Range Hood Isnt Clearing Smoke scaled

How to Fix Common Kitchen Problems ASAP

Whether your fridge isn’t keeping things cool or your oven doesn’t heat things up, kitchen appliances can cause all kinds of problems. Find out what’s causing the issue and whether it needs to be repaired or replaced. Knowing the average need for main appliances as well as small kitchen appliances …

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