Dorm Room

Dorm Decoration Ideas On A Budget For College Students

Dorm decorations can bring some challenges. The ideas for the dormitory of the college dormitory are limited. A few limitations such as size and perhaps a roommate. These can definitely be stumbling blocks for all truly exotic or radical dorm decoration ideas. It’s probably a good idea not to go …

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Dorm Room Decor Ideas for Girls, Simple and Cute

When you prepare to send someone to college for the first time or go to college yourself. You must think about your dorm room decor. The preparations can be intimidating, not to mention the emotions. There are so many things to keep in mind: supplies for your room, electronics, clothes, …

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Dorm Room Ideas and Bedding For Your Inspiration

All college dorm rooms usually look the same. A box-office room with cinder block walls, industrial paint on the walls, and very unstylish furniture. This is an industrial look. However, there are some hot dormitory bedding ideas to enliven the room and help distinguish college students from their dorm colleagues. …

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