Charming Kitchen Ceiling Light Ideas

So much of our time and effort is spent focusing on the countertops, backsplash, and appliances. That we tend to overlook yet another important element: ceiling light. It should not go without saying that they are essential for the functionality of a kitchen, not to mention their aesthetic value. However, searching through the wide array of lighting options on the market can pose quite a challenge. The best place to start is to familiarize yourself with all of the different types of ceiling lighting fixtures to choose from.

1. Incorporate a hint of glam

As most homes or apartments will come with a standard flush mount ceiling light. The opportunity to swap it out for a more design-forward piece is always a preferred option. Change out a basic glass shade with a flush mount lighting fixture. That has a bit more flair like Jillian Guyette from Better Happier did in this light-filled kitchen.

2. Keep it simple yet edgy

The ceiling light in this high-contrast kitchen features an intricate pulley system. Which is the perfect addition to any industrial-themed space. The elegant black finish beautifully complements the matching millwork and home decor throughout. Most pendant lights with a pulley system will require two ceiling brackets. So bear that in mind when planning your space.

3. Opt for something with swag

There is something so effortlessly stylish about a swag pendant light kit hanging from the ceiling and this modern kitchen showcases just that. Serving as a raw take on task lighting, the abscene of a shade keeps the brightness concentrated to one spot. Installing this sort of a fixture can be done in a rental if the cord is long enough to extend from an outlet, up to the ceiling, and drape over and down to the preferred spot.

4. Go for something over-the-top

Who says a chandelier is for the living or dining room only? If you’re looking for accent lighting with plenty of flair to spare, a chandelier is a good bet. Given the fact that it will feature multiple light bulbs. You can rest easy knowing that there will be plenty of illumination to go around. To maximize the fixture’s impact, install it in an area with higher ceilings to benefit from all the light it has to give and use a dimmer switch to create the perfect ambiance.

5. Double up on pendant lights

We love the idea of installing a light fixture that errs on the side of art rather than just utility. While a single kitchen pendant may not have enough power to provide the entire room with adequate lighting, doubling up can certainly help. Install a pair of matching pendants above the kitchen island for an ambient glow that will set the mood and bring a touch of drama to boot.

6. Match the lighting to the hardware

One of the challenges of securing the right lighting for a kitchen is finding a style that can complement the decor. Allow the room’s hardware to serve as inspiration and go for fixtures in a similar metal finish. These dome-shaped pendant lights offer a modern take on retro style with a classic chain and brass finish.

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