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Gorgeous Ideas for Spring Mantel Decor

The shelf above the fireplace is a natural focal point in your living room, so it gets the most attention. If you are a huge fan of seasonal decor, this spot is probably your favorite choice for styling. When you tuck away the winter decor, it is time to add spring flair to your mantel. You will love the lively colors, flowers, and Easter-inspired details. 

If you aren’t sure how to decorate your mantel for the spring, we have you covered. In this post, we share some practical tips that anyone can understand.

Simple and elegant spring mantel decor

The refined elegance of this mantel decor will delight you. The luxurious round mirror anchors the arrangement, while the tulips add a spring flair. The bunny print completes the theme while subtly bringing some Easter vibes.

Lively Easter mantel decor

This mantel is ready to welcome the spring with joy. The colorful Easter egg wreath is the focal point of this arrangement, intensifying the festive theme with its cheeriness. The bright yellow flowers on both sides bring symmetry to play, resulting in a visually pleasing mantel. Professional designers often use this trick to make the decor look harmonious.

Vintage vibe

This spring mantel decor will be right up your alley if you prefer a vintage look. We like how the pitchers add a dose of dimension with the varying heights. The retro clock rounds up the decor, while the flowers bring the spring vibe.

Curated fireplace

When sprucing up your mantel for the spring, don’t limit yourself to the shelf only. Build up the decor around the fireplace for a homey vibe. The cozy chair and woven baskets complete the mantel decor, while the blue accents bring cohesiveness.

Minimalist yet cozy

The minimalist set up by Cherished Bliss embraces simplicity and coziness. The rectangular mirror is a year-round favorite, while the branches add a touch of freshness. The decor continues to the shelving next to the mantel, with lots of greenery to bring the spring vibe in a simple way.

Pop of greenery

The organic texture of this wooden shelf adds a touch of visual interest. The long vines of the pothos plant bring a natural feel.

Rustic spring mantel

The rustic mantel from Rain and Pine features coziness and fresh spring vibes. The vintage prints highlight the mantel, while the carefully curated combination of neutrals looks so soothing. The blanket ladder adds a decorative touch while keeping your cozy throws within arm’s reach.

Neutral decor

A mix of organic textures makes a subtle statement in the living room. This neutral and straightforward setting features candle holders, an elegant mirror, and a woven tray. It is an excellent choice for welcoming the spring, but it can also become your year-round decor.

Upscale mantel decor

The elegant decor brings a high-end look to the space while featuring a subtle feminine vibe. The pink roses and white candles create an elegant setting, and those elements prevail through the area for cohesiveness. 

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