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Sanity-Saving Small Kitchen Storage Ideas

A small kitchen can be frustrating, especially if you love to cook or entertain. But even the tiniest spaces can be functional (and even fun to be in), and these clever storage solutions for small kitchens will inspire you to take your kitchen from cramped and cluttered to organized and airy.

From behind-the-door storage to lazy Susans and stackable bins, here are small, easy tweaks you can make so your space feels bigger and more organized. When you have a space for everything, you can spend more time cooking and eating and less time looking for a spice or gadget you know you have crammed deep in a drawer elsewhere in your home.

1. Maximized Cabinet Space

It’s hard to believe this stunning kitchen is in a garage. White cabinets make the space airy and bright, and smaller appliances mean more counterspace. Ensuring upper and lower cabinets (like those beneath the bar here) are functional and accessible helps you make the most of every bit of space in a small kitchen.

2. Organize Corner Cabinets

A major part of maximizing storage space in a small kitchen is figuring out how to organize your cabinets in the most effective way. This tutorial explains how to make the most of your corner cabinet so everything has a spot and it’s all easy to pull down when you need it.

3. Make the Most of Counter Space

Having an island instead of a table is one clever way to add space to a smaller kitchen. Here beautiful wood shelves display glassware and art, but the countertops also work as storage for everything from cutting boards to wine glasses and plants.

4. Open Shelving

Let this image serve as a reminder that pink cabinets are always a great choice. Aside from the warm color choice, which brightens a small space, shelves help get items off the limited counters so you have more space for chopping or serving,

5. Cabinets as a Pantry

No pantry? No problem. This tutorial explains how to have your cabinets do the work of a full pantry, even in a small space.

6. Open Shelving

Open shelving adds some interest to bare kitchen walls while freeing up cabinet space. If you don’t have a ton of space, even a narrow shelf for storing glasses can make a big difference.

7. Clear Pantry Storage

Yes, it’s trendy and it looks aesthetically pleasing, but using clear containers to store snacks also helps save space by cutting down on all the air-filled bags crowding the cabinets.

8. Wire Behind-the-Door Storage

If your pantry is small (or non-existent), adding wire baskets to the backside of the door or even inside a cabinet maximizes storage space in a tidy way.

9. Hanging Storage for Pots and Pans

Hanging pots and pans is a great way to free up storage and counter space in a smaller kitchen. Here, white canisters add storage and style while a lazy Susan in the cabinet keeps everything easily accessible.

10. Pantry Storage With Baskets

Baskets and canisters are always helpful, but the small-space stand-out piece here is the lazy Susan that stores oil, vinegar, and other bottles.

11. Food Storage Containers Organization

Storing food storage containers is tricky, no matter the kitchen size. When you get matching pieces, everything nestles together whether it’s in a cabinet or drawer.

12. Open Shelves for Pots & Pans

If you’re short on shelf space or drawers, follow professional organizer Laura Cattano’s lead and try a hanging bar for pots and pans. Simple S-hooks and a bar that can withstand the weight of pots is all you need, plus it lends any small kitchen a slightly industrial edge that can look chic and modern.

13. Risers for Storing Canned Goods

An easy way to gain vertical storage is to add risers to pantries and cabinets. They help you fit more in a small space, plus you can see what you have so you don’t end up with a bunch of duplicates. You can buy risers, or get creative by making them from something you already have.

14. Woven Pantry Baskets

When your pantry or cabinets are organized and clutter-free, the space in your kitchen goes further. Labeled woven bins are as practical as they are pretty, and everything has a clear place with this system.

15. Spice Storage

Even small kitchens can have a designated spice drawer. This design makes it easy to spot what you already have so you don’t end up with two of the same spice.

16. Pantry Storage on the Back of a Cabinet

Using the inner side of cabinet doors is an easy way to add storage for smaller items. As professional organizer Laura Cattano proves, spices and tea bags don’t have to take up precious real estate inside the cabinet; instead, they nest seamlessly inside the door.

17. Drawer Dividers

Make your drawers do more by adding dividers. This way, everything has a spot and the drawer is less likely to get stuck on stuffed-in tools.

18. Drawer Dividers for Kids’ Plates

Adding dividers into deep drawers keeps plates, bowls, and even utensils tidy and organized. Plus, putting kids’ plates in a low drawer makes it easy for them to grab what they need.

19. An Organized Refrigerator

Even the smallest refrigerator can get a makeover. Not only does storing food in clear bins help you see everything, it can also make for more vertical space if you stack them.

20. Kitchen Storage in Drawers

If you’re planning a remodel of a smaller kitchen without changing the footprint, consider going with wide drawers instead of lower cabinets. They create so much storage space in an accessible way.

21. Under Sink Storage

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Maximize storage space under the sink by stacking bins or plastic drawers filled with sponges, dishwasher pods, rags and more. Clear storage assures you don’t forget about what you already have.

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