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Small Primary Bedroom Design Ideas Tips and Photos

There is no reason at all that a small bedroom even a really tiny bedroom can’t be every bit as gorgeous, relaxing, and just plain full of personality as a much larger space. The trick to creating a beautiful bedroom when limited is to make smart use of the space you have. Keep furniture scaled to the room, and most importantly, boldly show off your decoration pieces.

Many real estate associations, including the National Association of Home Builders, have classified the term “Master Bedroom” as discriminatory. Among the real estate community as well as better reflect the purpose of the room.

1. Brown and White Get Cozy

Looking for a sophisticated palette that manages to be both masculine and glamorous at the same time? Then consider the combination of chocolate brown and white. Amp it up further with a small chandelier, a patterned rug, and white bedding, and the result is pure splendor.

2. Built-Ins Save Floor Space

Most of the time, a small bedroom means an equally small closet. A solution to this common concern is incorporating built-in storage around the head of the bed, as in this serene space designed by Chris Ebert of Normandy Remodeling. If built-ins aren’t an option, look for bookcases that fit in the space instead.

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3. Elegance in Every Inch

If you thought a small primary bedroom couldn’t be every inch the equal in elegance to those huge rooms you see on Pinterest or in glossy interior decorating magazines, look again. One peek at Steven Ford Interior’s stunning navy blue, cream, and gray bedroom will change your mind.

4. Neutrals Soothe the Soul

Think neutral bedrooms have to be boring? Then take a look at this masculine, relaxing, and anything-but-dull bedroom from architect and designer Patrick Brian Jones. When the palette is quiet, the clever use of subtle pattern adds interest without overwhelming the small space. A folded throw blanket in a contrasting hue adds an extra bit of zest to the foot of the bed.

5. Green and White Invigorates a Room

Most people want their bedroom to be a soothing, restorative retreat. If that’s your goal, then consider green and white for your palette. Add in botanical touches in the bedding, as in the room from Viscusi Elson Interior Design shown here, along with a showstopper sunburst mirror, stylish Roman shades, and cottage-casual white furniture, and the result is a room that calms your mind and refreshes your senses.

6. Vintage Touches Add Charm

Weathered shutters add a touch of shabby chic flair to this cozy gray and white bedroom from Decor Gold Designs. It’s easy to work a vintage vibe into even a small bedroom—use an antique chest as a nightstand or footboard, set an old door in place of a headboard, or adorn your walls with framed vintage embroidered handkerchiefs, maps, or botanical designs.

7. A Headboard Set Into the Wall

This lovely but tiny home was once a library. Now it’s a testament to good use of small space, thanks to the designers at The Works. Notice the built-in cabinets and the recessed, upholstered “headboard” nook—a genius use of architecture.

8. Seamless Furniture and Wall Color

While it’s generally true that oversize furniture doesn’t work in a small room, there are always exceptions. For example, the canopy bed here is nearly as large as the tiny bedroom, but instead of the space looking and feeling cramped, it’s perfect. The secret is in the clean, simple lines of the white bed, along with matching white ​walls which when layered eliminates contrast in the space.

9. Snuggle Into an Attic Bedroom

Your first impulse might be to think of the sloped ceiling and small space of an attic bedroom as a minus, but instead, embrace its benefits. Pile the bed high with quilts, pillows, and shams, and surround it with simple, yet lovely furnishings as in the adorable country bedroom shown here from DigsDigs, The result adds up to a warm and cozy vibe.

10. Double-Duty Furniture Stores More

Make the most of your small bedroom by making smart choices in furniture that provides the storage that many undersized rooms lack. Case in point: this lovely, shabby chic bedroom ​from DigsDigs substitutes a small dresser for a traditional nightstand, and makes the most of a recessed nook with a china cabinet to hold linens, sweaters, and other bulky items.

11. Put the Focus on One Wall

Yes, even if your bedroom is small, you can still have a striking accent wall, as proven here by Decor Gold Designs. Bold wallpaper has a place even in the tiniest of rooms. Just stick with one wall preferably the one at the head of your bed if that works and keep the rest of the room sedate and subtle in terms of color and pattern.

12. Fresh Traditional Style

A traditional style, like the British colonial look shown here from DigsDigs, doesn’t have to be stuffy. It’s streamlined thanks to a few shots of color, botanical artwork, and a pretty upholstered headboard. Plus, leaning a large mirror against the wall is a strategic way to add visual size to a small room.

13. A Standout Rustic Bed

The naturally subdued color scheme of rustic style is perfect for a small space, yet lets the bed take the spotlight. Use of weathered wood, an interesting ceiling fixture, and whimsical touches like the faux animal heads in this enviable room from Peace Design gives this bedroom lots of texture without taking up space.

14. Enveloped in Bold Stripes

Just because your bedroom is small doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with the decor. Case in point from blogger and designer Centsational Style: the bold striped walls in this otherwise traditional bedroom defines fun. It works well thanks to the extremely limited neutral palette and lack of clutter or fussiness of the room’s surfaces. If you like the general idea, but don’t want to go quite as bold, use two close tints of the same color family to create nearly tone-on-tone stripes.

15. A Sultry and Sensuous Space

A small room painted in dark colors can actually make the walls visually recede. The dark colors fool the eye into thinking the walls are further away which increases the perceived size of the space. And if that isn’t reason enough to consider going dark on your walls, then take a look at how deep purple walls turn a small bedroom into a sophisticated and seductive jewel box here in this work from DigsDigs. Dark gray, navy or indigo blue, or dusky dark green are equally restful.

16. A Comfy Cottage Bedroom

Casual, full of pattern, cushions, and just a bit weathered, this cottage bedroom like the French-influenced space from Stephen Shubel shown here is tiny but comfortable. The upholstered headboard adds to the softness of the room.

17. Pops of Color Add Joy

An entire bedroom filled with bright and saturated color can be too intense for a tiny space. But a few hot pops of eye-catching color heats up neutrals or classic black-and-white to make the temperature of this primary bedroom just right.

18. Eclectic Style Redefined

An eclectic mix of styles doesn’t have to take up much room, especially when it’s well edited like this bedroom. The small space highlights a blend of Asian, retro, and rustic decor for a result that’s huge in personality and style. Pendant lights save space instead of bedside table lamps without sacrificing anything in style.

19. Consider All Angles

Take a decorating tip from Lisa Teague Studios, and create drama in your small room by placing your bed at a slight diagonal. It’s even better when a pretty folding screen takes the place of a traditional headboard; the screen acts as a focal point for the room and draws the eye upwards to increase the visual size of the space. The folding screen is a privacy barrier around the bed and adds a smidgen of hidden storage space in the corner. It’s a trick many studio apartment dwellers use to make every inch of space as efficient as possible.

20. Luxe Style in Contemporary Gray

Gray’s sedate vibe makes it especially good for the bedroom. When decorating with gray, add plenty of strong shapes and textures as in this room from Jean Stéphane Beauchamp Design. Note the trellis pattern navy area rug, an intriguing barely-there ceiling fixture, the luxurious velvet upholstered headboard, and a touch of fun in the skull-adorned throw pillow; the mix makes this entirely-gray-and-white primary bedroom anything but boring.

21. Three Steps to Majestic Moroccan Style

This small room is perfect for this global showstopper look. It just takes three breathtaking elements—the silver pendants, the silver pouf, and the carved headboard. Or, consider adding a silk throw pillow or two adorned with tassels and beading to your bed to get that resort-style vibe.

22. A Cheery and Airy White Bedroom

Even a small space can have an airy, open vibe when your palette is mostly white with just one perky accent color. It is also easy to mix patterns when they share the same two colors; here the striped rug, small floral comforter, and larger floral sheets don’t feel busy or overwhelming even though the room is small.

23. A Penthouse-Style Bedroom

All-out glamour and drama is possible in a small bedroom. If you love luxe bedrooms, then you’ll drool over this tiny, perfect bedroom. What makes it work in such a limited space? Mirrored surfaces, furniture with sleek legs, and metallic accessories make this uncluttered room dazzle.

24. Accenting the Positive

Even the tiniest bedroom benefits from an accent wall. An accent wall doesn’t take up space but adds the equivalent of architectural interest. Choose a glorious metallic wallpaper like the one here or paint a wall in a contrasting color. The accent wall in this bedroom is the long wall of this narrow space, which cozies it up and eliminates the humdrum of white walls.

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