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Inspirational Shagreen Decor Ideas

You may not know the origins of shagreen, but chances are, you’ve seen this fancy pattern in design magazines or on Instagram. Shagreen’s characteristic richly textured stingray or shark hide is easily recognizable by its rounded. Often sparkling pattern that symbolizes the height of sophistication in design. The elegant pattern first made its appearance in the Middle Ages. Has since become the darling of the design world for its instant ability to add a beautiful effect to any space.

Looking to add this luxurious texture to your space? Below, we talk to interior designers to gain their insights. About how to insert a sparkling stingray hiding into your decoration. The aesthetics and luxury of shagreen promises to add a beautiful effect to any room in the house.

Consider It a Neutral

According to Charmaine Wynter, Principal Designer at Charmaine Wynter Interiors, since shagreen is an animal print pattern, it can be used like any other neutral print. “I love to use shagreen print for wall coverings because it adds visual interest and an overall texture without becoming too busy,” she says.

Go for Patterned Furniture

“I love a shagreen pattern on furniture—some of my favorite applications have been on tables and chests,” Wynter says. Whether you opt for a larger statement piece or side pieces (like nightstands, for example), shagreen furniture is an easy way to add a relatively budget-friendly dose of sophistication to any space.

Look to Linens

“Shagreen always looks spectacular as toss pillows,” Wynter says. “They really are the perfect addition to a sofa or bed ensemble.” You can easily find shagreen pillow covers in myriad colorways to suit your existing decor—or consider using a shagreen fabric to add texture to your headboard.

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Build a Playful but Sophisticated Nursery

“I love the look of shagreen, and back in my design days used to use it on side tables and coffee tables,” says Kelsey Searles, Co-Founder of MiliMili. By using bright shagreen wallpapers, it offers an ideal cut that is fun but sophisticated.

Know That Less May Be More

Not fully sold on going all-in on shagreen just yet? A small amount of the print can leave a huge impression—especially more neutral shades like dark grey or black. Consider using a shagreen contact paper to line your bathroom drawers or use a plain colored print as a finish to update dated kitchen cabinetry.

Let There Be Light

The textured stingray pattern lends itself well to table lamps. It’s just neutral enough to match with various metals—like gold or brass—without looking too busy or overbearing. Consider adding a set of matching lamps on your nightstands for an instant dose of glamour and sophistication.

Employ a floor treatment

A large area rug is an excellent way to add some serious drama to your living space without worrying about investing too much capital or elbow grease into your design. A bold colored rug will add just as much visual interest as wallpaper without the added effort or permanence.

Consider a Serving Tray

Sometimes all you need is a fancy accessory for a shared room and a shagreen serving tray. Whether you stack it with books and candles on the coffee table or use it as an extra layer of visual interest on a bar cart. A simple tray is one of the easiest ways to add shagreen to your space.

Look in the Mirror

Mirrors add a new dimension to any room but stingray-patterned mirrors will be your best bet. If you’re looking for a way to add understated glamour to your space too. Whether you opt for a bold colorway or something more neutral, a shagreen mirror will gel with pretty much any existing wall color or pattern.

Wine and dine

We’re quick to forget about the impact great statement plates can have on our overall design. Especially if you’re keen on doing dramatic tablescapes. A set of shagreen bowls or plates will easily transform any meal into a sumptuous occasion.

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