8+ Master Bathroom Renovation Ideas On A Budget

Your expectation of a master bathroom conversion could be a spa-like retreat worthy of a cover-page spot on a designer magazine, or a more basic design that covers essential requirements.

Although it may be tempting to have an open budget that allows you to inject as you like, it is often the case that you are restricted, and therefore preparing a budget would help you achieve your goals in the least stressful way.

Preparing a suitable budget

Below is a guide on how to prepare a budget for your master bathroom conversion project.

  • Check your finances and decide how much you can actually spend
  • Consider how long you plan to stay in this house
  • Assess the impact of this renovation on the value of a house
  • Identify material costs and assign a value for work (which typically accounts for about one-third of the cost)
  • Receive an offer from your bathroom conversion contractor if already selected
  • Look at the budget and add up and reduce costs accordingly
  • Factor in a buffer value for contingencies
  • Choose a payment method – whether through your savings, loans, etc.

Cost areas of master bathroom refurbishment

The expected cost ranges would vary depending on a number of factors. These include factors such as how old the house is, the type of renovations already carried out, the ability to change you want to achieve, the price of choosing a bathroom conversion contractor of choice. It is therefore important to present a realistic budget first, as proposed above, and then to work within that budget.

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Basic Update – This would usually be the type that does not include plumbing redirects. There could be replacements and repairs with mostly items in stock or standard products. Restore the elements to a better state by refinishing or painting them. Focusing more on fancy accessories could boost the outlook overall.

Refurbishment in the middle to upper range – this means more material and labour costs. It could include better devices such as toilets and sinks than improvements and additional new features such as worktops, mirrors and medicine cabinets. It could also make a slight adjustment to layout like a smaller bathtub to increase the shower room.

The deluxe conversion – often with high-end surfaces and parts. You can expect to work with project architects and designers and a variety of specialists and subcontractors. Remember, this type of project is expensive, but feel free to go further if this wasn’t a restriction.

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