7+ Different Ways to Creating Unique Floating Shelves

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Stylish floating shelves are a space saver that adds modern or traditional storage to a room.

A properly installed floating shelf can hold a lot of weight and eliminates the additional cost of using mounts for support.

Without the shelf holders can make the room look too busy, floating shelves create a clean look that adapts to any style subtlety.

We can make a floating shelf with little effort. Depending on how much weight the shelf is, the installation may be a simple set of drywall anchors.

Through a flat wall mounts or require additional steps for installing multiple shelves for a large part of the wall.

For a shelf that will display pictures or collectibles or even store some light books, a floating shelf in the store can be use in different way.

It comes with drywall anchors and a bracket so that fits flush with the wall. Simply attach the bracket to the desired location and slide the floating shelf onto the bracket.

Frame Structure

A-frame structure should be strong for shelves that carry significantly more weight. So, this is easier than it sounds and amounts to bringing 2×4 ledgers to the wall for additional support.

The 2×4 is cut to the same length as the shelves and must be looming, So that, can be seen with a bolt finder. For optimal results, glue the 2×4 to the wall with a suitable adhesive.

From here, shelves made of plywood can be use and attached directly to the ledgers.


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Another option is to cut a hollow core door into shelving pieces. These doors are surprisingly inexpensive in DIY stores, and one door can yield multiple shelves.

If you use this method to create floating shelves. Firstly, paint the shelves. Secondly, smear the exposed edges with wood paneling.

For a simpler shelf to clean, buy laminate to cover the shelves. This is also helpful to protect the surface of the shelf from scratches and things.

For an invisible version of these shelves, there are two major options:

  • Black floating shelves that give the room a monolithic quality or a strong accent
  • Floating glass shelves that focus all the emphasis on the exhibited objects.

For large floating shelves to be build to resist very heavy objects, buy wood or plywood for best results.

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