5+ Way To Create A Gallery Wall With Custom Framing

If you want to revitalize or remodel a space with art that is important to you, then a gallery wall is an affordable way to decorate it.

Whether your items consist of a custom design for paintings, photographs, illustrations, or personal pieces such as handwritten letters or documents of achievements such as diploma or degree, a gallery wall can really bring your space to life

Where will your gallery wall live?

The first thing to consider is where your gallery wall will live.

Popular options are along the wall of a staircase, above the couch in the living room or in a hallway.

The first location selection helps to decide which items are suitable for custom frames. For example, in the nursery then family photos will probably take over.

Start with the largest frame

When it comes to delegating where each custom frame element is, both balance and symmetry are the keys.

Use the largest piece as a focal point from which you can organize and scatter the rest of the parts.

To avoid something you don’t want to see, space the objects with some length.

So that each piece stands out individually but still works as part of the entire gallery.

Remember to have fun!

The best thing about creating a gallery wall is that it’s entirely up to you. Have fun with it!

The different styles, sizes, shapes, and colors of the customs borders will be better to add the dynamic collage.

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Whether you want all black frames, black and white, or multicolored for a children’s playroom or children’s room. There is no right or wrong way to delegate as long as you are satisfied with the final result.

Refined or cheerful, elegant or eclectic, organized or chaotic whatever theme you choose for your gallery wall, take it and run it with you.

By placing the frames on the floor before placing them on the wall, you can decide whether you are satisfied with your gallery before taking the hammer to the nail to avoid unnecessary holes.

If you work with a gallery wall for a particular room, first choose your theme, start with the largest frame and don’t forget to have fun!

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