25 Awesome Minimalist Kitchen For Small Space In Your Home

Paring down your cooking space has nothing to do with skimping on style or function. In fact, cooking up a minimalist kitchen means different things to different people. For some, it is all about having plenty of concealed storage, so countertops are free of stuff. Other folks embrace minimalism as a decor aesthetic punctured by plain, flat-front cabinetry and luxurious stone waterfall islands. We think the idea is all about creating a modest and uncluttered space with budget essentials. Even those obsessed with maximalist style have their own unique take on the simplified cooking space. But do not let other people’s personal choices confuse you. We are here to sort through the broad range of styles that encapsulate the minimalist kitchen.

Minimalist Kitchen With a Modernist Dining Set

Clean lines and warm accents define this minimalist cooking space by Mosaik Design & Remodeling. Gray quartz countertops and a rectilinear white tile backsplash add serenity. Cabinets and accents in dark walnut lend a hand-hewn feel to the kitchen. Fixtures and furniture like the handblown smoke glass lighting and tulip style dining set give the room some midcentury flare that feels both fresh and modern. In some spaces, the trick for creating a neat and tidy kitchen is tons of storage—here it takes the form of contemporary, flat-front cabinetry. 

Minimalist Kitchen With Pops of Color and Natural Textures

Minimalist cooking spaces are all about making less feel like more, according to interior designer Fiona Leonard. Her version of the aesthetic is all about keeping surfaces free of extraneous stuff by giving kitchen tools and countertop appliances a specific place inside cabinets. She also finds that having a white kitchen with a few simple pops of color and natural textures creates the illusion of calm.

Maximalist and Minimalist Blend

You can undoubtedly combine moody colors, natural textures, and dramatic patterns into a pared-down kitchen, as shown in this gorgeous cooking space by James Judge. The backsplash toes the line between minimalism and maximalism. But what keeps the striking black tiles from feeling visually overwhelming is the large pantry cabinet on the left side of the range. It eliminates the need for upper cabinets on the far left wall, which keeps the space feeling uncluttered. Natural wood accents epitomize the minimalist vibe and the material takes the visual heft off the dark kitchen features.

High-End Minimalist Kitchen for Wine Lovers

Another reason so many people love minimalist kitchens is that the design aesthetic packs enduring style. This luxurious example by interior design firm Britto Charette illustrates the point. Stainless steel features combined with high-end marble add both beauty and function to the food prep areas. Along the back wall glossy black fronts conceal cabinetry and the refrigerator creating a seamless appearance. A stunning wine fridge with teak shelving is a spectacular sight that would make any wine aficionado drool. Stone tile floors can get pretty chilly in winter. Here, radiant heating solves the problem by keeping bare feet warm no matter the season.

Small Kitchen With Plenty of Personality

Anna, the do-it-yourself blogger behind Anja Home, decided to ditch the upper cabinets in her small kitchen to make room for a tea nook. The result is a minimalist cooking space that does not skimp on style or customized function. She says her idea is a great way to create a clutter-free, simplified look while still having room to display a collection of cute kitchen-related accessories. One more tip worth sharing—in small spaces like this one, is it important to have a simple color scheme to keep things feeling minimal. Anna stuck to a black and white palette with a few natural wood accents.

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