14 Kitchen Corner Storage Ideas That Will Maximize Your Space 33

14 Kitchen Corner Storage Ideas That Will Maximize Your Space

Kitchen corner storage are often small, though they need to accommodate a lot of things. To squeeze maximum of each inch of space, we go super creative making ad using various types of storage. We’ve already spoken of floating shelves, various cabinets, pulling and rotating ones, and today I’d like to share some ideas to organize storage even in the corners, which are usually considered dead spaces. Believe me, even a small corner cabinet can save your kitchen from being cluttered!

Blind Corner Cabinet Slide Outs

Never crawl into a cabinet again, this metal Rev-a-Shelf Blind Corner 4 Shelf Slide Out slides outside of the cabinet to allow for easy access. Your kids will have no excuse not to help unload the dishwasher once you install these bad boys and put them to use. 

This blind corner shelf utilizes 100% of the cabinet space and can support up to 150 lbs. Which makes it great for those large rarely used items like blenders, food processors and bread makers. Installable on the right or left door, this versatile shelf an excellent option for any corner cabinet.

Blind Corner Cabinet Half Moons

If you are a lucky duck and already have a great storage spot for those larger items, then the Rev-a- Shelf half moon might work better for you. This shelving unit is made for smaller daily use items, like perishable food.

Although it only uses about 60% of the blind cabinet space, it is a bit easier to maneuver than the slide-out shelf. We like the idea of a half-moon cabinet in a lower cabinet space so everyone in the family can easily access the goods.

This would be a great place to store fruit leather, goldfish, granola bars or other on-the-go type snacks. 

Full Round Lazy Susan Shelves

If your corner cabinets have doors that open to reveal the whole corner space, you can use it as a pantry! This Knape & Vogt Pie Cut Door Mount Lazy Susan is relatively easy to install, and it mounts directly to the cabinet doors for maximum space usage.

Group and organize your items on the shelves with organizational bins to keep everything together. Lazy Susans aren’t just for inside cabinets. There are lots of tabletop models available that you can use to make common countertop items more accessible.  

Rotary Recycling Units

Eliminate the clutter and confusion around your recyclables with a rotary recycling mechanism. This is the ultimate lazy Susan, making it much easier to dispose of items and save the environment all at the same time. 

This Knape and Vogt Rotary Recycling Center makes it easy to dispose of items. With three removable bins to quickly sort your recyclables, you have no excuses now. You can feel good, stay organized and keep the containers out of sight. 

This is also a great option if you have pets in the house; luckily for us, most animals haven’t figured out how to open cabinets yet.

Corner Cookware Stands

If you lack cabinet storage, don’t be afraid to put your cookware on display with this modern Enclume Cookware Stand. This is also great to store pots and pans that you do use frequently.

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