18 Gorgeous Minimalist Kitchen Designs For Better Cooking 56

18 Gorgeous Minimalist Kitchen Designs For Better Cooking

Minimalist kitchen designs often gets a bad rap, but there’s a difference between a space decorated with restraint and one that simply lacks character. The key to mastering this trend in the kitchen is to experiment with texture as well as subtle color variations.

Learn how to tread this fine line by referencing interiors that master the trend.

Choose Natural Materials That Make a Statement

Minimalist kitchens often feature natural materials, like marble, that offer unique colors as well as textures. This stunning space by Elizabeth Roberts Architecture & Design ticks all the boxes.

Draw the Gaze up With a Statement Chandelier

If your renovated kitchen seems a bit stark as well as unfinished, consider statement lighting.

Conventional designers might seek to fill this blank wall with open shelves as well as storage, but minimalists know that absence can be beautiful too.

Edit Items on Display

The best minimalist kitchens keep countertops and open shelves clutter-free. Choose sculptural bowls and glasses that add interesting shapes to the space, such as a bulbous fruit bowl or a speckled ceramic mug.

Play With Proportion

The best interior designers make decisions based on gut feeling rather than trying to crack a formula for the “perfect” room. This Saint-Sulpice home proves that imbalance and skewed proportions can be beautiful too.

Keep it light

The essence of what makes a Scandinavian kitchen charming is its neutral colour palette along with its clean surfaces, cabinets and walls. As a result, the space feels much larger and incredibly inviting. Consider taking it further by adding complementary wood floors that are also lighter in tone to really nail down the minimalist, Scandinavian look.

The efficient design of this kitchen makes every day work a pleasurable experience. Tiled flooring with a patchwork design injects a bit of colour in an otherwise white space.

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