12 Dramatic Feature Wall Ideas For Any Room

A component divider can be presented anyplace in the house, it’s simply down to individual inclination – however consider your area cautiously; recall the possibility of an element divider is to make most extreme effect; it should draw the eye when you go into a room or zone, so being imaginative on a divider that sits behind an open entryway won’t have a similar effect and you’ll wind up being baffled with the completed outcomes!

When you have your area, your next thought is the material you are going to utilize – divider covers never again start and end with paint or backdrop so it truly relies upon singular tastes and capacities:-


The least demanding approach to make a component divider is with a new layer of paint. On the off chance that you have a genuinely impartial shading plan this is the least demanding alternative. Simply choose a shading that shows up in the adornments or counsel a shading wheel to discover a tone of shading that will supplement your style – don’t be hesitant to be strong. You can paint the divider one shading yet make an emotional impact by utilizing a paint with a pro artificial completion for example softened cowhide. Or on the other hand you can include enthusiasm by utilizing diverse completing strategies for example cloth rolling. On the off chance that you are feeling extremely audacious, create sway by painting vertical stripes on the divider, simply fluctuate the size of the stripes and paint them in exchanging hues that praise the remainder of your style. For whatever length of time that you have a consistent hand, a lot of persistence and some concealing tape it truly is a straightforward strategy to use for a successful look.


Regardless of whether you need to keep your room genuinely nonpartisan you may like to utilize backdrop – including light shaded backdrop with surface will in any case give sway; it will simply be progressively unpretentious. In any case, on the off chance that you like shading you would now be able to buy some sumptuous backdrop consolidating rich hues, strong prints and touchable surfaces that will make a genuine explanation zone. Try not to be reluctant to utilize your creative mind. The backdrop may be a lot for all dividers, yet utilizing it on one divider will create a shocking point of convergence – simply guarantee you pick the correct hues and plan – the exact opposite thing you need is to conflict with your current inside.

Different materials

For the individuals who are exploratory and into DIY you can be increasingly gutsy and utilize excellent covers produced using bamboo, dried grasses, rich silks, metallic or even woven calfskin. Recovered wood framing glances incredible in a room when put behind headboards, in like manner distinctive molded/shaded tiles look extraordinary sat behind the sink or shower zone in a restroom. In the event that that appears a lot of work, why not view pre-printed divider painting. They are accessible in an incredible scope of styles and subjects that are ensured to create a genuine ‘buzz’ with all visitors, simply search the web to discover a structure that you like. They can be printed to fit the full size of your divider, so are ideal for making an enormous effect on huge level regions.

Structure your own

Highlight dividers are not about the divider covers, you can essentially include sway by draping a pleasant bit of workmanship, or a curiously large canvas on a central divider and concentrate on it for the duration of the day by cunning utilization of lighting. Mirrors are likewise useful for highlight dividers, simply ensure the size and edge will give the effect that you are searching for. You can likewise deliver an element utilizing a gathering of photos or pictures. They don’t need to cover the entire of the divider – more effect will be made on the off chance that you stick to one region of the divider. Utilize distinctive size casings of a similar completion and play around with the format as it will have a more noteworthy impact if the example isn’t even.

Whatever your preferences and whatever your spending you can make a genuine proclamation with only a little creative mind; the most inventive thoughts don’t really need to be the most costly. Some of the time a lick of paint is everything necessary!